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Return merchandise


Conditions for claims and returns

1. A user may refuse to accept an order under the following conditions:

  • Apparent difference between the placed order and the delivered goods;
  • Presence of defects as a result of transportation;
  • Delays in delivery unless the latter are due to unforseen forces, for the presence of which the user has been informed in a timely manner.

If any of these conditions is present the user may return the order at the expense of Teka Ex Ltd. The user may not refuce to accept the prder if none of the above conditions are present.

If the order has been payed for by bank transfer, the user may choose to place another order for the same sum or get his money back.

2. The user may return the order without owing any compensation and without having to provide a reason within 7 (seven) days after receiving the delivery if the following conditions are present:

  • Well kept commercial appearance (the ordered products are not torn, broken, scratched, washed or ironed);
  • The goods are not damaged by improper use;
  • The product still has its original packaging and any additions or accessories;
  • The user presents an invoice and receit for the product he wishes to return.

All transport and handling costs in this case are covered by the user depending on the chosen means of returning the order. The user may exchange the returned products for others. The difference between the sums of the returned and new orders is payed by or returned to the user and the delivery of the new order is at the user's expense.

3. The user may file a claim within 7 (seven) days of receiving the order. A claim is a return of any product due to defects in the confection or materialsof the product. In order to have his claim processed the user must provide:

  • Receipt and invoice for the ordered merchandise;
  • The defective product with a carton hangtag or original packaging.

Teka Ex Ltd. staff evaluate the product and decide whether there is a production defect (defects of materials, confection; missing buttons, accessories, etc.) and whether the claim should be approved. In order for a claim to be approved the product must look unused (no food/drink stains; no signs of washing, ironing, etc.).

4. Should a claim be approved:

  • The user is offered a replacement product - identical or similar to the defective one;
  • If the user accepts the replacement the product is exchanged and the price difference is payed by or returned to the user;
  • If the user refuse a replacement he/she gets a refund for the defective product after presenting the receit for the purchase;
  • The user is offered to have the product repaired at no additional charge;

5. Returns due to size mismatch is not considered a claim.

6. Users may use the form below to file claims.